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SOFTMETAL – A smartphone in the world of metal market communications

SoftMetal brings advantages of exchange without being an exchange. It gives a tool for liquidity and market price discovery at the market of alloys and products with variable qualities and multicomponent evaluation nature. Instead of replicating an exchange on the market where method of standardized auction doesn’t fit, it gives a way to achieve even more, with similar level of confidence based on synergy of modern economical science and technological achievements. SoftMetal is not an exchange, while it gives to its customers all exchange advantages, it’s not a crypto or token project, while it contains all advantages of both approaches, neither it is an online shop, it is re-melt of all advantages as stainless steel is an alloy of iron, chrome and nickel. Like stainless steel is a unique alloy of iron, chrome and nickel, SoftMetal is a re-melt of technology and methods developed by exchanges, token platforms, physical commodities trade best practices and modern auction theory study. But it is as different from its prototypes as smartphone compared to push-button phone attached to tv antenna by a piece of duct tape.

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Demo version is currently available and Going Live is expected in H2 2023

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