Liquid marketplace for safe, smart and confidential trading.

We advance the markets of non-exchange-tradable products far beyond the existing exchange functionality.

SoftMetal is a trading platform where you can buy and sell multi-element metals through an auction-exchange mechanism. It allows secure trading, powered by confidential computing, and prompt settlement of physical metals, stored at safe, insurable and financeable warehouses around the world.

Winning tech

A-Team Innovation Awards 2022
Highly Commended
Most innovative solution for front-office/trading

Trading of Alloys

Explore the benefits of commodity exchange and unique product auction in one secure market place.

Real time market data

Secure and confidential transactions for metals

Instant match of users’ individual interests

Instant multi-element alloy trading

Multi-element assets couldn’t previously be traded via auction-exchange mechanism. Now, SoftMetal makes it possible.

All parties interested in ferrochromium, and any other goods with a similar market structure, can start liquid trading. Individual preferences can be selected across a range of variables such as chemical composition and geographical location. The mechanism is based on Nobel Prize-winning Theory of Auctions and the competitive bidding concept of private value, which enhances the process of setting individual preferences.

State of the art encryption technology ensures total confidentiality of private data while delivering real-time feedback on market development for materials and products.



SoftMetal is built on confidential computing, powered by Secretarium technology: a new generation of secure distributed ledger technology that guarantees total data protection.

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Our guarantee

SoftMetal will provide participants with encrypted non-fungible electronic receipts for a unit of metal (ENFERUMs) for alloys stored at approved warehouses worldwide.

Powered by confidential computing: SoftMetal is built on the latest confidential computing technology and aims to guarantee total data security for all parties.

Cryptographic hardware and secure IT technology provides end-to-end encryption to protect the users' private data.

Counterparties and trade data are kept confidential. They are protected from modification by advanced technology, while also being fully auditable.

SoftMetal offers better price discovery and market-wide visibility. Users can tailor their bids' specifications to their own needs instead of relying on standardized categories. Such standards of alloys of multi-element metals may not always meet users' requirements or may not even exist.

SoftMetal has been founded and developed by UNICHROME AG, in cooperation with Secretarium LTD.

UNICHROME AG is a Swiss-based trading house with broad activities and deep expertise in metals and ores trading, within Europe, CIS, Asia, Africa and the Americas. It is the creator and owner of the concept of SoftMetal and leads its development and implementation in the metals and ferroalloys market.

Secretarium LTD is a London-based confidential computing deep-tech startup with historical roots in investment banking, blockchain and academic research. It is responsible for developing the software and full technical support of SoftMetal.

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